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TheNeuterNetwork is seeking a veterinarian to join their organisation and help run and manage a neutering clinic in Maglizh, Kazanlak region. The clinic is just in the process of being set up and will be mainly for neutering street dogs and village owned dogs as well as cats. We are looking for a candidate that strongly believes that neutering is the only way to solve the problem with so many unwanted dogs and cats in Bulgaria and who will be an advocate for our organisation. The clinic will also treat conditions often seen in street dogs. The candidate may also be required to work as a liaison officer between the organisation and local villagers and mayors and must be prepared to travel for both training and carrying out neutering campaigns in different areas. Requirements for candidates: - Completed veterinary unit/ higher education diploma in veterinary medicine - Some experience of castration operations although training will be provided - Experience with record and book-keeping in a vet clinic - Good command of English - Desire for continuous training and development in the field of veterinary medicine, particularly in up to date techniques for spay and castration - Admin skills & proficient in use of a computer - A desire to relieve the suffering of stray animals and improve animal welfare in villages - Driving lisence would be an advantage Responsibilities: General management and office work for the clinic (book-keeping/records) Depending on experience, carrying out or assisting visitings vets with neutering operations Helping with communications with local mayors and villagers for organising neutering Carrying out general health assessments on any street or village dogs and cats brought to the clinic (including routine blood tests), giving vaccinations and administering microchips and passports as requried. Assisting with any discussions with BABh and the municipality Dog and cat care as required at the clinic We offer: - good remuneration, which is determined individually on the applicants qualifications and abilities and number of working days/hours and whether accommodation is required; - employment contract; - training (within Bulgaria and abroad) on up to date neutering techniques and other animal welfare and veterinary courses - Working in a relaxed and positive environment as part of a fun and dedicated team - The opportunity to make a real difference in animal welfare in the region and Bulgaria - Flexible schedule - Accommodation can possibly be provided