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Скара за печене на пица

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Скара за печене на пица и нож за рязане на пица. Скарите са направени от алуминий и са за многократна употреба. Размери: 6 инча (15.24см): 13лв 8 инча (20.32см): 14лв 9 инча (22.86см): 15лв 10 инча (25.4см): 16лв 12 инча (30.48см): 17лв 14 инча (35.56см): 19лв При закупуване над 3бр. - 10% отстъпка. Подробно описание на английски език: Baking tray is designed to be used with both deck ovens and conveyor ovens. Aluminum mesh baking Pizza Screens will not rust but like all aluminum products should not be washed with high alkaline detergents. Pizza screens have been designed to enable evenly baked pizza crusts, flat breads, Italian base pizza, thin crust pizza and other baked goods, this professional-quality aluminum pizza screen incorporates a seamless design to allow for more ventilation and allows air to circulate around the food. Specification: Condition: Brand new Material: Aluminum alloy